Welcome to the 2023 Peoples Health Provider Reference Guide

The 2023 Provider Reference Guide delivers vital information to contracted providers on operating within our policies and procedures and meeting high standards of care for our plan members.

This guide contains features to help you find important information quickly. The legend below lists icons found throughout the guide that highlight “need-to-know” information that may be helpful to you and your staff.

The Provider Reference Guide—which is a supplement to your provider contract—directs you on how to operate within the parameters set forth by Peoples Health, CMS and NCQA. Please take time to review the information in this guide. We thank you for your commitment to deliver quality health care to Peoples Health plan members, and we look forward to continuing our work together.

NOTE: This guide is current as of the revision date. Visit the Provider Portal at www.peopleshealth.com/providerportal for periodic updates. For access to the portal, contact your practice administrator or Peoples Health representative.

Revised February 2023